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LessonFollow Open Water Safety Rules

In this lesson, we will learn

About different types of open water and that open water is different than water in pools and bathtubs

Where and how to swim in open water in order to be safer

What to do if you need help in or around open water

How is open water DIFFERENT from pool and bathtub water?

There are no walls around open water.

Open water can be very deep and you often cannot see the bottom.

There might be currents, waves, drop-offs, rocks, sand or water animals in or around open water.

Where should you swim to be safer in and around open water?

Near a lifeguard

By rocks and jetties

Anywhere by yourself

What can you do if your friend needs help while they are in open water?

Help them by yourself

Walk away

Ask a grown up for help

What can everyone do to be safer in open water?

Wear a life jacket

Play with your dog

Have an adult Water Watcher and never swim alone

Hooray!Congratulations! You did it!

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