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Colin's Hope Presents

Water Safety with Colin & Friends

How It Works

Water Safety with Colin & Friends is a comprehensive water safety program for kids. The goal? To teach children key rules that can help them make safer choices around all types of water. Our water safety activities cover rules for bathtubs, pools and open water (lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and beaches). Children will learn lessons such as waiting for an adult before going in or near water and wearing a life jacket.

All you need to do is help children follow the steps below to complete the program! These water safety activities are evidence-based and continue to be evaluated for efficacy. Every part of this program has been proven with statistical significance to increase children’s water safety knowledge. Knowledge that can prevent drowning.

Step 1: Download Materials

Adults: Choose the Resource Manual that is the best fit for you. We have Manuals for Teachers, Parents & Caregivers, Swim Instructors, and Camps.

Need something different? Reach us at [email protected]

Step 2: Complete Curriculum

Download and/or print the Resource Manual and read through it to prepare for the lessons you will be completing. Then, help children complete the Interactive Curriculum and Assessment.

Step 3: Print Certificates

Celebrate all that children have learned about water safety! Download and print a Certificate of Completion and have the Best Day Ever!

Educators enjoy teaching Water Safety with Colin & Friends!

TIP: Water safety can be taught year-round in the classroom, at home, alongside swimming lessons, and so much more. Find the best fit for your children and complete these water safety activities today!

Our Inspiration

On June 13, 2008, Colin fatally drowned in a lifeguarded pool the day after he successfully completed swim lessons. He knew how to swim but he wasn’t a strong swimmer. Adult family and friends were present. Lifeguards were on duty. Colin still drowned in shallow water…quickly and silently. After Colin died, his parents Jeff & Jana Holst learned that drowning is the NUMBER ONE cause of death for children ages 1-4. Yet, DROWNING IS PREVENTABLE. Colin’s Hope was created with the hope that no other family would lose their child or experience a drowning that is preventable. This program was specifically made to teach water safety for kids in a way that is engaging and impactful. Please learn more about what we do and support our efforts at www.colinshope.org.

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