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For Parents

Make water safety fun at home!

Colin’s Hope believes that water safety is a large part of child safety and should be introduced at the earliest of ages and with the same level of urgency as other child safety issues. Our goal is for water safety to become entirely second-nature, just like staying away from hot stoves, looking both ways before crossing the street and wearing seat belts in cars. Water Safety with Colin & Friends does that by helping families talk about water safety and helps create a safer culture around water by using The Whole Hand Rules!

With these SIMPLE behaviors, YOU can help to prevent drowning. Drowning IS preventable!

Be Safer in Just 4 Easy Steps!

Sit down together and watch videos, play games, and make Family Water Safety Rules. Together as a family you can prevent drowning!
  • 1
    Download the Parent & Caregiver Resource Manual
    This is your one-stop-shop to talking about and teaching Water Safety with Colin & Friends at home.
  • 2
    Complete the Interactive Curriculum
    Print fun Activities to Complement the Lessons
  • 3
    Print Activities to Complement the Lessons
    Print fun Activities to Complement the Lessons These can be used to enhance your child’s learning experience while focusing on child safety in and around the water.
  • 4
    Certificate of Completion
    Show your kids how proud you are of them! Print a certificate, display it and celebrate what they learned about The Whole Hand Rules!

Jump Into The Whole Hand Rules

The Whole Hand Rules is a great set of child safety tips to get your family into the habit of choosing safer behaviors around all kinds of water (even water in and around your home!). Choose your own adventure with Water Safety With Colin & Friends! Learn one short lesson a day, or complete them all in one afternoon – it’s completely up to you. Most importantly, remember to make your Family Water Safety Rules before your next water-related activity. We recommend teaching all available lessons for full program efficacy.

We Know Our Program Works!

95% of caregivers believe that Water Safety with Colin & Friends will make a positive impact on their family. You know that your kids enjoy their independence. By teaching them about The Whole Hand Rules, you are providing them another life-long tool in their toolbox to help keep them safer.

“Our son loves the water, and he loved taking these lessons. He talks all the time about water safety like he is the teacher teaching us. We are very impressed at the knowledge he has retained” – Parent, son age 4

“ I heard her sing a song “Stay Away From The Drain” so I know she learned that day :)” – Grandparent, granddaughter age 4

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