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Learn to Swim

Everyone should learn how to swim – little kids, big kids, teenagers, and grown ups! Have you ever been in a swimming lesson? Hop in and tell Colin & Buddy all about it.
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Lesson Details

If we LEARN TO SWIM, it will help us stay safer near water. When we learn to swim, we become more comfortable moving our bodies in water and gain skills like floating and gliding. EVERYONE should learn how to swim – adults, younger kids, and older kids.

5-10 minutes
Lesson & Discussion:
10-15 minutes
10 minutes
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Objectives of this Lesson

‘Learn To Swim’ is the third lesson of The Whole Hand Rules. We want kids to understand that simple swim skills are important. Putting their faces in water without panicking, floating on their front and back, and entering and exiting the water are all skills that can help keep them safer.

In this lesson you will:

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