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Follow Open Water Safety Rules

Did you know that places like beaches, lakes, rivers, ponds, canals and creeks are VERY different from pools and bathtubs?! Come along as we teach you how OPEN water is different from smaller sources of water like pools and bathtubs.

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Lesson Details

Safety rules should be adjusted based on your surroundings. Water can be found anywhere. “Closed water” usually has walls and you can see the bottom, like a bathtub or pool. However, “open water” is a body of water that does not have any walls. Beaches, lakes, rivers, ponds, creeks and canals are examples of open water.

10-15 minutes
Lesson & Discussion:
20-25 minutes
15 minutes
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Objectives of this Lesson

‘Follow Open Water Safety Rules’ is the fifth lesson of The Whole Hand Rules. Kids should learn the main differences between sources of water like bathtubs and pools, and beaches, rivers, lakes, ponds, creeks, canals and oceans.

In this lesson you will learn:

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