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Grown Ups Should Watch You

Grown ups should ALWAYS watch you when you are in or around water, even at home! Come along as we teach you why.

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Lesson Details

Before we go near or enter water, we should be sure that our GROWN UP IS WATCHING, even at home. If our grown up’s eyes can see our bodies, they can help us be safer.

5-10 minutes
Lesson & Discussion:
10-15 minutes
10 minutes
This lesson is brought to you by:

Objectives of this Lesson

“Grown Ups Should Watch You” is the second rule of The Whole Hand Rules. Kids should learn how to identify grown ups (versus other kids) and that these grown ups should watch them around all kinds of water without distractions. If their grown ups become distracted, kids can learn how to politely remind a grown up to watch them.

In this lesson you will learn about:

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