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National Bath Safety Month

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Bath time can be a daily ritual for people of all ages. During the infant and toddler stages of life, bathing is usually only needed two or three times a week, and these are special moments when parents can create warm memories and bonding time with their children.

However, did you know that nearly ⅔  of drowning of infants and toddlers occurs during bathing? This is why it is incredibly important to create a safe environment and routine for every bath.

Colin’s Hope is helping spread awareness of bath safety this month as part of National Bath Safety month by providing tips, important news, helpful products, and more!

Why National Bath Safety Month is Important

Anyone can get injured in the tub or shower but infants, toddlers, and the elderly are at a higher risk when it comes to preventable injuries. It’s reported that 43,000 children every year are injured at an emergency level in tub and shower related incidents. We want to help parents, guardians, and babysitters to have the information they need to avoid worst case scenarios.

Bath Time Safety Tips for Infants and Toddlers

Here are three bath time safety tips every parent or guardian should know when it comes to bathing an infant or toddler. Making these practices a habit can greatly reduce the likelihood of injuries.

Use Constant Supervision

This is the cardinal rule of bath time. Never leave a child unattended in a tub. It doesn’t take a lot of time or water for a baby to drown. Before starting, make sure everything you need is within arm’s reach. If something unexpected happens that needs your attention, it is best if you take the baby along with you.Never Take Your Hands Off the Baby and NEVER Walk Away!

Minimize Water Level

In addition to using constant touch while bathing your child, the water level should be limited to less than 2 inches for children two years old and younger. A minimal amount of water and a soft washcloth with gentle soap are all that is needed to clean the baby from head to toe.

Prevent Slips and Falls

Avoid these common injuries by installing anti-slip mats or stickers inside of the bathtub. Cushioned water faucet covers are available to protect children from getting injured if they do happen to slip. And don’t forget to protect the bathroom floor! A non-slip bath mat right outside of the tub does the trick to prevent falls from getting out of the tub.

Important Safety News

We quickly want to touch on this very recent recall for an infant bath seat that was announced in June.To learn more, click this link to visit the consumer product safety commission site.

Use Our “Bath Time with Buddy” Cling to Keep Bath Time Safe

bath time buddy cling

Let this cute ruler be your guide every bath time! Line up the sticker with the bottom of the tub to help you measure the right water level. To purchase one for your home or for a loved one, click this link.

Introducing Colin and his pal, Buddy! Colin and Buddy share easy-to-follow safety tips to ensure you and your children are safe around water, whether it’s in the tub, sink, or any area where children can access water. Remember, just a few inches of water can be hazardous for a young child.

Click here to learn the Whole Hand Rules with Colin and Buddy!

Now that you’re aware of the risks lurking at home, let’s dive into some tips for staying safe around water! Whether you’re hitting up a cool pool or a serene lake, understanding water safety is crucial. Don’t miss out on our quiz, hosted on Colin’s Hope website! Take the Colin’s Hope QUIZ and test your water safety knowledge!

Colin’s Hope is continuing our drowning prevention efforts with a Bath Time Safety Campaign. 
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